MW2 Multiplayer – Get the Heartbeat Sensor

December 3, 2009

Ever wonder why some players know exactly where you are even if you aren’t shooting and there is no UAV in the air?  Its the new add on to your primary weapon, the heartbeat sensor.

The heartbeat sensor can show you exactly where the enemy is unless they have the Cold Blooded perk.  If you don’t want to give up other features for your primary gun like additional sights or silencers, use the Bling perk to use 2 add ons.  Couple the heartbeat sensor with the silencer and you have a huge advantage in knowing where the enemy is.  If you need the sights as well, use the red dot with the sensor.

I just unlocked this feature and can’t wait to use it on the SCAR-H, my current weapon of choice.

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