MW2 – Current Favorite Class

December 4, 2009

Here’s a shot of my current favorite weapon load out for Call of Duty MW2 Multiplayer:

  • SCAR-H assault rifle with heartbeat sensor
  • Thumper grenade launcher
  • Blast shield – I keep it on my back to protect being shot from behind, I use this instead of regular grenades, Thumper works better IMO
  • Sleight of Hand Pro – faster reloading and aiming
  • Stopping Power Pro – more bullet damage
  • Ninja – undetectable to heartbeat sensors
  • Martyrdom – death streak, drop a live grenade when you die, not that helpful unless you are close to an HQ you are guarding

For levels where there is a lot of close in fighting I would probably trade out the thumper for a shotgun.

2 Responses to “MW2 – Current Favorite Class”

  1. leetgamer Says:

    I’m level 60 now and I use the ACR with akimbo rangers, but I’ve just unlocked that level 60 weapon and I’m gonna try it out.

    Note that the heartbeat sensor is useless these days because almost everyone has the ninja perk. On top of that the SCAR has really weird iron sights and I hate it so I use holographic sight for it. You should try out the ACR once you unlock it.

    P.S it’s Modern Warfare 2 not Call of Duty 2 🙂

    • jamescarlson Says:

      oops! Forgot the MW2 – fixed.

      Will definitely try out the ACR, only on level 32 right now. I need to update and put up a post on my load out as I have changed a few things. I still find that a lot of players are not using Ninja, maybe lower level players so I still like the heartbeat sensor.

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