Smart Headquarters Capturing – Call of Duty MW2 Multiplayer

December 9, 2009

Hide on a stairway to capture HQ and not totally expose yourself to gun fire

Hide under obstacles (like this boat) to capture HQ and avoid getting killed

Be Smart When Capturing HQs in COD MW2 Multiplayer

Even capturing headquarters locations can take strategy.  Here are some tips for smart capturing in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

  • Limit your exposure to gun fire and grenades as much as possible
  • Hide under or behind obstacles while still in range of capturing the HQ
  • Never stand in front of entry ways or out in the open while capturing
  • Use stairways to help hide part of your body
  • Stay out of sight!

Remember, if you get killed while trying to capture an HQ, it can reset the capture time for your team or slow it down.  You want to stay alive as long as possible while capturing.  Be smart, stay out of plain sight where you can be killed easily.  ALWAYS look for a place to hide but still stay in range of the HQ to capture it.

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