Attack Carefully – COD MW2 Multiplayer

December 10, 2009

Stay out of the line of fire or end up like my teammate on the right (killed but using Last Stand perk)

Always be aware of where you can get hit from (line of fire)

The above shot is taken from a Wasteland map in COD MW2 Multiplayer.  We are trying to capture the HQ inside the bunker.

The enemies are coming from the left and straight ahead.  Use the angles of the bunker entrance to shield your approach.  I am OK being on the left.  My teammate was on the right of the trench and in the line of fire and got killed.

Also be aware that there are often gaps in the scenery where you can shoot or be shot from.  The rectangle highlights a gap in the wood walls where bullets can go through.

From here I can be fairly well protected and able to launch grenades into the area the enemy is coming from.

Attack from positions where you can shoot and be protected

The picture above shows how you can use angles to stay protected but still attack.  I am not on the upper right corner of the bunker entrance.  The enemies are down below in the tunnel coming from the left.  It would be nearly impossible for them to see and shoot me before I can shoot them.  This is a great spot to attack or thrown in a flash/stun grenade.

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