Getting the Attack Chopper – COD MW2 Multiplayer

December 10, 2009

7 kills in a row will get you the Attack Heli - death from above!

Get the Attack Chopper for Massive Kills

Some times it is worth forgoing lesser kill streak rewards like UAV for the really good stuff.  Get 7 kills in a row and you will be rewarded with the attack chopper.

The chopper lets you take control of the gunner spot.  Your enemies on the ground appear with red squares around them.  Simply point and shoot and rack up a ton of kills.

This is similar to the AC-130 perk at 11 kills.  The AC130 lets you use cannons and rockets as well and is even more deadly.

Tip – If the opposing team gets an Attack Heli, do all you can to shoot it down!

If you don’t, you’ll regret it and find yourself dying left and right from the bullet rain coming down on your head.

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