Sniping the HQ – COD MW2 Multiplayer

December 10, 2009

Position yourself to snipe the HQ

Smart Sniping – COD MW2 Multiplayer Headquarters Mode

If you know the maps well, are a sniper, and like Headquarters, you can get some great kills by positioning yourself well.

The picture above is spec’ing a sniper that killed a number of our team.  He got high up and had a clear view through a building window into where the HQ was located.  We thought we had the building cleared – and we did.  But we didn’t take into account a sniper shooting through the window!

He had an easy view of us sitting stupidly in front of the HQ trying to destroy it and picked us off one by one.  If we were careful, we would have thought about gunfire exposure from the windows but we were concerned about the enemies in the building itself.

If you are a sniper, learn spots on map that give you a great view of HQ areas, choke points, or other passageways where your enemy often travels.

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