Thumper Launcher Drawback – Slow Reload – Modern Warfare 2

December 10, 2009

The Thumper secondary weapon has a slow reload time.

The Thumper is a nice secondary weapon, but watch the slow reload time.

Having 2 grenades you can launch at a distance and not take up valuable rifle add ons is a nice feature so I tend to use the Thumper grenade launcher a lot.  But beware aware of its drawbacks.

The biggest one is its slow reload time.  I have gotten killed many times when I launch a grenade and don’t find sufficient cover to allow for reload of the second shot.  Also, you won’t reload while running which is a mistake I have made often.  I think I have a grenade loaded up and ready to go, get an enemy in my sights, only to “click” ….and nothing happens – except for me getting shot and killed.

So be aware that the Thumper is not a quick reload weapon.  Choose your shots carefully, fire, get to cover, reload, and then you are good to go.  Don’t get caught with an unloaded Thumper!

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