Tip – Check Your Corners – COD MW2 Multiplayer

December 10, 2009

Don't go so fast that you forget to look at hiding places

When running, take caution around common hiding spots, especially near HQ points

Sometimes it is easy to get caugt up in the heat of battle and forget to look when you run.  Smart players know how to turn this against you.

In the images above, I was in a rush to destroy an enemy HQ.  I didn’t stop to read my heartbeat sensor closely.  It would have warned me there was a guy nearby ready to knife me.

Especially in MW2 you have to watch out for fast knife kill players with the Commando perk that lengthens their reach.  I went too fast, the guy popped out from behind that crate and knifed me.  He also got several of my other teammates that weren’t careful either.  Nice HQ defense!

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