Wasteland Map Tip – Top of Bunker – COD MW2 Multiplayer

December 10, 2009

A sneaky place to get kills is on top of bunker entrances/exits

Tops of Bunkers – A Chance for Some Kills

Here is one I discovered by accident.  In the Wasteland map, there is a bunker network in the middle of the map with trenches leading in.

If you know the enemy is coming from one direction, one place where you can sit is on top of the bunker entrance.  They will be coming out underneath and below you and often forget to look up.  Even if they knew you were there, it takes time to turn, acquire the target and shoot.  You have a big advantage.

I killed 4 guys up here before they figured it out (or I ran out of bullets – I forget which).  You can also change your position slightly so even if they know where you are, they still have to acquire the target and you will have the advantage.

Sure, enemies could always go around the hedge and try to get you but on top of the bunker, you have your back to the hedge and the whole map in front of you.  No one is going to get you from behind!

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