Death from Above – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tip

December 11, 2009

Attack enemy headquarters from above

Your enemy is going to be watching all entrances to try to keep you from destroying the HQ in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer.  Some HQ points have ceilings you can attack and drop down through.

This Favela MW2 map has many roofs you can get up on.

These pics are all from the Favela map.  This HQ point is near the bottom of the map.  You can get up on the roof here from adjacent buildings.

Partly cloudy with a chance of targets

So sneaking along the room I come to several openings I can see and shoot through.  One of them is big enough to drop down but I need to make sure the room is clear first.

There were a couple guys in the room, I got one of them

So I killed one and my heartbeat sensor is showing a couple more.  Be patient, change your angle on the roof so you can see other parts of the room below and shoot any enemies hiding.

Drop down into the room and capture!

Once the room is clear, drop down into the room from the hole in the roof.  Time to capture and move on!

Look for opportunities like this on every map where you can attack from above and avoid going into rooms through doors that will probably be guarded.

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