Snake in the Grass – Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tip

December 11, 2009

Going prone in the grass is a great way to hide effectively and get kills

Many players forget to go prone (lie on your stomach) in the heat of battle.  Not only does it make you harder to hit and steadies your aim, it hides you better – especially in grass.

Lying on your stomach in grass, a great way to hide

The pic above is from the Wasteland map.  We have captured the HQ in this house on the edge of the map.  There are little opportunites to hide so I just went prone in the grass, facing the entrance to the house and the direction the enemy was coming from.  I was able to pick off 3 or 4 enemies before they figured it out and I got shotgunned in the back.

Look for grassy areas on every map where you can hide.  With your camo, you are really hard to spot.

Another grassy hiding spot on the "Underpass" map.

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