The Serpent of Isis Review

January 19, 2010

The Serpent of Isis – Quick Review

Typical hidden object screen, sometimes you have to interact to reveal objects like pushing a button, etc.

The Serpent of Isis is not your typical hidden object game in every way, and that is a good thing.

The start of the game is fairly standard, a famous relative was involved in a valuable object in some way and now you join the adventure.  Someone really needs to get a bit more creative with these story lines.

But what is different about this game is the blend of hidden object and adventure components.  You don’t just find objects from a list.  Some objects are collected and used with others on different scenes.  For instance, on one level you need to fill a tea cup to produce steam on a mirror to reveal a hidden safe.  The teabag, teakettle, water to fill the kettle, and a stove to heat it were all found in different scenes.  The game helps you along so you don’t get stuck (like many traditional point and click adventure games).

Travel the world, find objects

The Object of the Game

Serpent of Isis is similar to Mystery Case Files Huntsville in that there is a list of suspects and you need to figure out who did it.  However, the game does a good job of incorporating the investigation of each suspect into the actual gameplay in a much better way than most.  Search a train car of one of the suspects to get clues.  Collect objects associated with each suspect to help in your investigation, etc.

Overall incorporating the object hunt and overall story into the actual gameplay is done quite well.  The scenes fit the story quite well.  For instance you start in your hotel room gathering items for your journey.  You then search for your ticket at the train station and then search parts of the train for clues.

The graphics of the game are standard but the sounds are quite good and fit the scenes very well.

You may need to find an object in a scene and then use it in another scene in order to progress


There are a few things The Serpent of Isis doesn’t do well.  For instance you have to be very accurate in your clicking on objects.  Several times I thought I clicked on an object I needed and the game didn’t register it so I moved on.  Later when I was sure it was the object I needed, I went back and clicked until I got it.  A bit annoying.

Some of the dialogue is a bit campy and the story is standard fare but overall, the game is definitely worth a play for hidden object fans.

Grade – B+


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