Plants vs Zombie – I Zombie Endless Help

March 4, 2010

I’ve been playing the I Zombie Endless puzzle quite a bit in Plants vs Zombies and have been looking for some tips.  I found a couple resources out there in Internet land that I found really helpful:

  1. Steam Forum – a few tidbits in this forum post, not super helpful but good for the new player
  2. Brighthub – this one is a bit better, describes the puzzle and what you must do.  There are some basic helps in the Tips and Tactics section
  3. Gamezebo – a few tips toward the end of this page although most of them are for the individual I Zombie puzzles and not Endless
  4. **I Zombie Endless Guide – the best resource I could find, actually shows examples of levels and how to attack them which were really helpful.

A typical plant defense layout in I, Zombie Endless

Here are my tips from experience playing I Zombie Endless

  1. Always plan in advance.  There is no time limit so be patient.  Think about the cheapest way to take out the defenses.
  2. I love Bucket Zombies and Diggers.  They are relatively cheap and I find myself using them the most.
  3. Imps aren’t good for much except grabbing the brain and getting Squashed, eaten, or blown up.
  4. Michael Jackson zombies (aka Dancing Zombies) are a risk because they are weak.  Use with caution.
  5. If you are low on Sun, go for the Sun first.  Seems obvious but if you run out of sun, it is all over.

4 Responses to “Plants vs Zombie – I Zombie Endless Help”

  1. Scott Thong Says:

    Here’s what I’ve picked up from my attempts:

    0) Calculate carefully the cost-to-benefit ratio of using different zombies to take out a line. Listed as Rule Zero because it’s so basic.

    1) Most importantly – don’t under-commit forces. The worst thing that can happen is sending a few zombies in, having them stopped halfway down the line, and then being forced to spend more Sun on another wave who now have to walk across the same area while being hit by plants. Spend a bit more Sun to ensure success if you aren’t absolutely sure your troops can make it in down a lane in one wave.

    2) Priority usually goes to stopping multi-lane shooters like Threepeater or Starfruit first. Magnet-Shrooms are another target due to their nullifying your best zombies.

    3) Pound for pound, Football Zombie is the toughest and fastest. Even though he costs a bomb, in many cases he can take out plants better than two or three Buckets or Cones (especially for back-column plants).

    4) Buckets last much longer than Cones; I almost always pick them as my standard troops.

    5) Dancing Zombie has its place – it is high cost, but can take out three rows. If the row you want to use Dancing on is covered by plant attacks, place a tough zombie like Bucket first at the front lines, let it get a few steps forward, then drop your Dancing at the back. This allows the summoned backup dancer to pop up in time to protect Dancing. Make a quick comparison of how much it would cost to wipe out three rows with a Dancing and required bodyguards, vs using other zombies for all three rows. He’s my fave to use in any case.

    6) Pole Vaulters I only use to dodge Spikes and Potato Mines, or to rush forward to eat a plant – they’re too weak for much else.

    7) Bungee is expensive to take out one plant, and can be shot dead (um, re-dead?) before it does its job. However, it has its strategic use against high-value targets like Threepeaters or Magnet-Shrooms which might use more Sun to take out conventionally.

  2. jelo Says:

    my longest streak so far is only 18.. i hope i can make it farther than that..

    thnx 4 this btw.. it’s rly upsetting when there’s a round with very few sunflowers.. argh lol

  3. jelo Says:

    LOL my bad, my longest is only 8!! haha.. my 18 streaks is on vasebreaker haha

  4. zombieOverloord Says:

    Do your best to destroy the 2nd or the 4th row, then send a Micheal Jackson down the DESTROYED row, place him all the way to the right. If you do, Michel will march down teh middle of the free row, and not get hurt, and will raise over a dozen zombies that will act ass “cannon fodder” and will destroy the rows above and below the empty row he’s marching down.

    Also, as long as there is no Umbrella plant, use a “bugie zombie” to take the Magnet Mushroom ASAP so you can send diggers and Buckets

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