Stay out of the line of fire or end up like my teammate on the right (killed but using Last Stand perk)

Always be aware of where you can get hit from (line of fire)

The above shot is taken from a Wasteland map in COD MW2 Multiplayer.  We are trying to capture the HQ inside the bunker.

The enemies are coming from the left and straight ahead.  Use the angles of the bunker entrance to shield your approach.  I am OK being on the left.  My teammate was on the right of the trench and in the line of fire and got killed.

Also be aware that there are often gaps in the scenery where you can shoot or be shot from.  The rectangle highlights a gap in the wood walls where bullets can go through.

From here I can be fairly well protected and able to launch grenades into the area the enemy is coming from.

Attack from positions where you can shoot and be protected

The picture above shows how you can use angles to stay protected but still attack.  I am not on the upper right corner of the bunker entrance.  The enemies are down below in the tunnel coming from the left.  It would be nearly impossible for them to see and shoot me before I can shoot them.  This is a great spot to attack or thrown in a flash/stun grenade.


A sneaky place to get kills is on top of bunker entrances/exits

Tops of Bunkers – A Chance for Some Kills

Here is one I discovered by accident.  In the Wasteland map, there is a bunker network in the middle of the map with trenches leading in.

If you know the enemy is coming from one direction, one place where you can sit is on top of the bunker entrance.  They will be coming out underneath and below you and often forget to look up.  Even if they knew you were there, it takes time to turn, acquire the target and shoot.  You have a big advantage.

I killed 4 guys up here before they figured it out (or I ran out of bullets – I forget which).  You can also change your position slightly so even if they know where you are, they still have to acquire the target and you will have the advantage.

Sure, enemies could always go around the hedge and try to get you but on top of the bunker, you have your back to the hedge and the whole map in front of you.  No one is going to get you from behind!

Akimbo shotguns are devestating close range weapons.

Akimbo Shotguns Make Great Close Range Weapons

One cool feature in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is the ability to unlock Akimbo weapons –  using a weapon in each hand.

Particularly devestating are the Akimbo shotguns.  These are single shot, powerful shotguns that are killer up close.

I have seen this work tremendously well in a couple of ways:

  1. Defending headquarters points
  2. Use with sprinting and lightfooted perks to quickly get inside opponents and kill

In fact, the highest kill count in a player I have seen in multiplayer was 83 kills with the Akimbo shotguns and speed.  He would dodge fire, running constantly, and somehow manage to always get close enough for the kill.

You can use speed to get around behind enemies as well and get quick kills.

Akimbo shotguns work especially well in cities and other levels where there are a lot of corners to hide behind that force close in fighting.  Not so good on more open levels.

The one drawback to the Akimbo shotguns is they are only one shot each and there is a slight delay when reloading.  You really want to make sure you get the kill on the first or second shot.

How to defeat Akimbo shotgun players

  1. Always look out behind you for them coming from behind.  You can set up traps for them if you see these players constantly trying to get around you.  You have the range advantage with assault rifles and even sub machine guns- use it!
  2. Always flash or stun headquarters points or places where they commonly hide before entering otherwise you are at a huge disadvantage.
  3. If an Akimbo player is rushing you, fire from the hip.  By the time it takes to raise your sights, they could get close enough for the kill (has happened to me frequently).  However if you just pump bullets their direction from the hip, you can off kill them before they get close enough.

Find high points to get the drop on your enemies, many players forget to look up

This dude is about to get capped in the back - it pays to look up!

Get yourself to a high position for an advantage

In the heat of battle it is easy to forget to look up.  Good players know this and take advantage of the high ground.

If you are like me, you have run pell mell through a fight and all of a sudden get shot out of nowhere.  Spec’ing the killer reveals his spot – above you.

Good players realize the advantage of taking the high ground.  You get better visibility of the map.  You also don’t have to worry about looking up.

The hazards of staying low

Staying low has several drawbacks:

  1. You have to watch out for enemies in front of you
  2. You have to watch out for enemies behind you
  3. You have to watch out for enemies coming from the sides
  4. You have to watch out for enemies above you from all angles

Taking the high ground elminates #4 – you don’t have to worry about above you.  You get a much better view of the whole map below you and have an instant advantage.  That is why if you are playing with good players, you will always find them high up, especially on city based maps like Karachi where if you stay low, you are cannon fodder.

Be smart, stay high!

The Thumper secondary weapon has a slow reload time.

The Thumper is a nice secondary weapon, but watch the slow reload time.

Having 2 grenades you can launch at a distance and not take up valuable rifle add ons is a nice feature so I tend to use the Thumper grenade launcher a lot.  But beware aware of its drawbacks.

The biggest one is its slow reload time.  I have gotten killed many times when I launch a grenade and don’t find sufficient cover to allow for reload of the second shot.  Also, you won’t reload while running which is a mistake I have made often.  I think I have a grenade loaded up and ready to go, get an enemy in my sights, only to “click” ….and nothing happens – except for me getting shot and killed.

So be aware that the Thumper is not a quick reload weapon.  Choose your shots carefully, fire, get to cover, reload, and then you are good to go.  Don’t get caught with an unloaded Thumper!

Position yourself to snipe the HQ

Smart Sniping – COD MW2 Multiplayer Headquarters Mode

If you know the maps well, are a sniper, and like Headquarters, you can get some great kills by positioning yourself well.

The picture above is spec’ing a sniper that killed a number of our team.  He got high up and had a clear view through a building window into where the HQ was located.  We thought we had the building cleared – and we did.  But we didn’t take into account a sniper shooting through the window!

He had an easy view of us sitting stupidly in front of the HQ trying to destroy it and picked us off one by one.  If we were careful, we would have thought about gunfire exposure from the windows but we were concerned about the enemies in the building itself.

If you are a sniper, learn spots on map that give you a great view of HQ areas, choke points, or other passageways where your enemy often travels.

Don't go so fast that you forget to look at hiding places

When running, take caution around common hiding spots, especially near HQ points

Sometimes it is easy to get caugt up in the heat of battle and forget to look when you run.  Smart players know how to turn this against you.

In the images above, I was in a rush to destroy an enemy HQ.  I didn’t stop to read my heartbeat sensor closely.  It would have warned me there was a guy nearby ready to knife me.

Especially in MW2 you have to watch out for fast knife kill players with the Commando perk that lengthens their reach.  I went too fast, the guy popped out from behind that crate and knifed me.  He also got several of my other teammates that weren’t careful either.  Nice HQ defense!